Monday, January 31, 2011

Trisha & Tony Are Tying That Knot!

Oh yes they are. Trisha and Tony are tying that knot everyone! And they thankfully asked me to take their engagement pictures, which I was of COURSE excited about. Not just because I love these two...but look at them...they look like they just climbed out of a magazine! We spent a few hours together taking these pictures at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco which is awesome and in front of the Victoria Theatre in Protrero Hill. YES, we had our adventures...almost getting our chairs stolen, just barely escaping a street fight and taking some of these images next to something questionable? You would NEVER know because these two were glowing. Can't wait to do the maternity shots.........wink wink :) I KNOW I KNOW not for a few years...but hopefully not ha! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Linda's Girls 2010

This was one of my last Holiday sessions of 2010 and I feel like they helped me end 2010 with a BANG! These warm and friendly ladies were just a joy. My one year old photo assistant was assisting during this shoot and during breaks we were entertained with juggling! I know! It was totally cool and exciting! And my assistant was totally mesmerized :) Now, I understand that I was working but I didn't feel like it. These young ladies made shoot time feel like a relaxing walk in the park. Thank you for introducing me to this new location and thank you for your donation. It's one I won't forget :)

Jeffrey's First Christmas 2010

Now I am quite sure that little Jeffrey didn't even know what hit him when Mrs. Kenya came over with her camera and couldn't pull herself away for almost two hours but, BOY was he a trooper. So were Mom, Dad and Bear whom quite honestly made my time at their home so comfortable and entertaining to say the least. I may have spent just as much time shooting as I did crying tears of laughter. Again reason #365 in the list of why I love what I do :) Because I get to meet family's like the Huffakers! I am very much looking forward to watching Mr. Jeffrey grow this year. Stay tuned for more from this little guy and his family!

An Ian, Shirley and Sophie Holiday 2010

This year Shirley decided she was going to send out Holiday cards and BOY am I glad she made that decision. I was not only able to meet an awesome family but, I think I could have stayed on that beach with little Sophie all day. She is and was SUCH a doll! I am not joking, we could have just done wardrobe changes all day and I could have just kept on shooting! (Then you would have had another 400 pictures to look through Shirley....then what would you have done!? ;) I think their pictures speak for themselves. They say fun, fun, fun and love. This is another family that I feel so privileged to have gotten to work with and look forward to working with in the future. Enjoy!

Logan & Camilla 2010

Need I say anymore!? These two cutie pies are ADORABLE! And mom thought there was just NO WAY I could get them to sit still for the camera. But who needs them to sit still!? I don't! I loved capturing them in their element...their very fun and energetic elements! I think these pictures scream Happy Holiday if I have ever seen any that did! I am so glad to call their mom my friend because, I so look forward to getting these kids in front of my camera every chance I can get! Enjoy these....I know I enjoyed every moment of creating them!

A Special Beykpour Holiday 2010

Just after this past Thanksgiving, the Beykpour Family welcomed a new family member. The love between these two newly introduced sisters was VERY apparent and I had a wonderful time with these two beauties in capturing their special relationship in its earliest stage. I look forward to watching these two grow together this year! Congratulations Beykpours!