Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farm Fun With The Googins

I had been waiting to work with the Googins for quite a while.  I DO have patience, but my excitement level was at a very high level.  FINALLY the day came and boy did I have a blast! The day was like something out of a fairy tale.  The location was amazing in both meaning to the Googins and view. The kids were ready for fun and I brought lollypops and balloons......!!!!! What more could I have asked for?!!  We had a little over an hour of plain old fashioned fun.  I think the only thing we were missing, was the picnic lunch at the end of this event!  We laughed, ran, played and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.  I totally had round two of fun while going over their images again during the selection process and reminiscing about our time together.  I look forward to working with this beautiful family again and can't wait to see where they take me next time!  

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Beautiful New Day

No her name isn't Beautiful Day, Glorious Day or Sunny Day, but isn't Baby Day one of the most Beautiful little glorious balls of sunshine you have ever SEEN!? YES! I just absolutely could not stop taking pictures of her and lets not talk about all the cute props her mom kept pulling out.  It was like a Holiday!  I absolutely love taking pictures of newborns and Baby Day was one of the sweetest I have captured to date.  I typically get at least one "smile" out of newborns during their shoot time, but this must have been one relaxing shoot for Baby Day because she smiled all the way through my time with her!  You started smiling while reading this didn't you!? I KNOW! My face hurt after this shoot due to all the smiling and laughter that went on.  She was just such a sweet little bean. Tell me she's not rockin' that cowgirl hat, lace dress and flower band?!  One of the sweetest shoots I had last year for sure and what an honor it was to be the photographer, that Baby Day's parents chose to document such a miracle in their lives.  I'll say it again..... you can't beat this job I have!


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!!!  They are soooooo cute!!!!  I can't thank you enough.  After so many years trying to have a baby, finally having BEAUTIFUL pictures of our little infant means the world to us.  These will be treasured forever!!"

~ Momma Day 

Big Boy Dash Turned One!

Well time SURE does fly when you are having fun! And in baby Dash's case, he must be partying every day because he's already turned one year old!  Last time you saw baby Dash he was six months old and barring all for the world on a red chair.  Now he's full of energy and giving his parents a run for their money!  I had the privilege of spending some time with Dash, as well as Mom and Dad this time.  Boy did we have fun trying to keep up with him.  We didn't do such a good job of keeping up with his balloon and no he didn't eat the entire lolly.  The street got to have some of the lollypop, but BOY did Dash enjoy what the street didn't get!  I'll be heading out of town in a few days and I am sure when I get back he will have doubled in size. Don't you fear, I'll be right back in front of him with my camera as soon as possible!  Don't you just want to squish his little cheeks?!  I know right?!


"Oh my cuteness! We are gushing over the photos! Love them :) Thank you!"
~ Dash's Mom