Thursday, September 29, 2011

Expecting Tara!

SO, I have been working with Tara for about a year now. Not only have I been getting Mr. Lander in front of my camera and watching him grow BUT Tara gets me into gear and working out at least once a week. The woman is SERIOUS! She is ready to pop and I am sure she could out run me even at this stage in her pregnancy HA! As always, a year later I am still so excited to get in front of Tara, Lander and sometimes Stella :) with my camera. It's truly a great time. We were even almost thinking this shoot would not happen! We got to our location and it was covered in FOG!! EVERYWHERE but our location was beautiful and sunny...our spot...not so much. However, you wouldn't even know it, Tara was glowing and Lander was all smiles as always. They even made friends with a horse...well Tara did :) I absolutely can't wait to continue our shoots with the new little one that's about to make an appearance. STAY TUNED he'll be here any day now. AND I'll be there shortly after to start documenting his first year as a little brother, Landers' first year as a big brother and Tara's new life as the mother of two!!! Two boys.... ;

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Mr. Dash!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dash and his lovely family. Of COURSE you know from the moment I met him, I just knew I would need to get my camera in front of him. It took a few months but I finally got my chance and BOY was I happy with the results. I mean first of all it's Mr. Dash so of course the pictures were going to be delectable, but working with him was just a pleasure. He's a real sweet pea who was up for anything. With the help of mom and dear ol' dancing and singing dad; wardrobe and lack their of changes ;) location changes and prop changes didn't phase him one bit! I am just elated with the fact that I will be able to get in front of him every few months for the next year. SO, stay tuned for more from Dash. We are all going to get to watch this little man grow! How exciting!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unveiling A New Family Of Four!

I always like to blog about why I love what I do for a living and one of the MANY reasons is because I get to really know an entire family. When I say I get to know an entire family I mean, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandad, Cousins, etc. This is how I got to meet he lovely HILLS! My last blog about Moo lovin just so happens to be Sister/Sister in law and Niece/Cousin to the Hills! So, through Moo I got to meet the Hills and the rest is history! The Hills welcomed baby Ella into their family about six weeks ago and I got the pleasure of taking her first portraits and their first portraits as a family of four and it was totally my pleasure. I know trying to take the picture of a toddler who is ready for a nap and a newborn who wouldn't nap, wasn't feeling pictures and peed on momma so much I think she set a record doesn't SOUND like a lot of fun, but we totally had a great time and were cracking up during about 90% of this shoot......sweating and working hard to get shots during the remaining 10% of the shoot...but laughing and having a great time none the less! Again, I feel so honored in having been able to capture these litte ones and thank them for a fun time! High five guys! Thank you for being such great clients!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moo Lovin!

I mean....who doesn't LOVE a Moo..... Aka Lexi? Really...who doesn't? She is just SO adorable and squishy! SO, of course we had a blast at this shoot. Her momma got to enjoy a gorgeous day at the beach and I got to capture her LOVIN on her Moo :) These two just glow when they are together. You just enjoy being around them and I think the fact that I enjoy being around them shows in these images. I even had my little assistant with me (those sneak peeks coming soon) and we all just played....and time flew by...and before I knew it I had a full card FULL of beautiful images. It was just a joy to get to conduct this shoot and I totally look forward to watching Miss Lexi grow up in front of my lens!

Mitchell & Aurelia Together At Last

About a month ago already Miss Aurelia made her entrance into this world and big bro Mitchell was RIGHT there waiting with loving open arms. I know....because I was there! How cool right? I actually just so happened to be in the area and swooped in to keep an eye out on Mr. Mitchell because someone named Aurelia ;) was ready to arrive! THEN to top it off I got to take her first portraits and their first portraits together. You really can't beat having a job like mine. I can honestly say that Aurelia couldn't ask for a better big brother. I think these pictures say it all. I pride myself in being able to capture the reality of a moment and relationship and these two are going to not only be brother and sister but life long friends. I am SO excited to watch them grow. Enjoy these!