Thursday, September 29, 2011

Expecting Tara!

SO, I have been working with Tara for about a year now. Not only have I been getting Mr. Lander in front of my camera and watching him grow BUT Tara gets me into gear and working out at least once a week. The woman is SERIOUS! She is ready to pop and I am sure she could out run me even at this stage in her pregnancy HA! As always, a year later I am still so excited to get in front of Tara, Lander and sometimes Stella :) with my camera. It's truly a great time. We were even almost thinking this shoot would not happen! We got to our location and it was covered in FOG!! EVERYWHERE but our location was beautiful and sunny...our spot...not so much. However, you wouldn't even know it, Tara was glowing and Lander was all smiles as always. They even made friends with a horse...well Tara did :) I absolutely can't wait to continue our shoots with the new little one that's about to make an appearance. STAY TUNED he'll be here any day now. AND I'll be there shortly after to start documenting his first year as a little brother, Landers' first year as a big brother and Tara's new life as the mother of two!!! Two boys.... ;

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  1. OMG! these are amazing! I can't believe how big Lander is too! and Tara is stunning as usual!