Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unveiling A New Family Of Four!

I always like to blog about why I love what I do for a living and one of the MANY reasons is because I get to really know an entire family. When I say I get to know an entire family I mean, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandad, Cousins, etc. This is how I got to meet he lovely HILLS! My last blog about Moo lovin just so happens to be Sister/Sister in law and Niece/Cousin to the Hills! So, through Moo I got to meet the Hills and the rest is history! The Hills welcomed baby Ella into their family about six weeks ago and I got the pleasure of taking her first portraits and their first portraits as a family of four and it was totally my pleasure. I know trying to take the picture of a toddler who is ready for a nap and a newborn who wouldn't nap, wasn't feeling pictures and peed on momma so much I think she set a record doesn't SOUND like a lot of fun, but we totally had a great time and were cracking up during about 90% of this shoot......sweating and working hard to get shots during the remaining 10% of the shoot...but laughing and having a great time none the less! Again, I feel so honored in having been able to capture these litte ones and thank them for a fun time! High five guys! Thank you for being such great clients!

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  1. omg! *tear* these are so beautiful! love love love love my Hills and love love love your work Kenya