Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing Miss Harlow M.

From the moment Miss Harlow entered this world and I saw that first iphone pic her mom posted on Facebook I just KNEW I was going to have a ball in front of her with my camera.....and I was RIGHT! I like to compare Miss Harlow to a twinkie, she's small, cute, squishy and SO sweet...and once you meet her...you just want to spend all day with her! After about an hour she said, Mrs. Kenya I know you are having a great time but I need my beauty sleep and that is the ONLY reason why I stopped :) I could have stayed all day. I know I say that a lot but, mix in beautiful Harlow with her awesome home, her charming mamma and a good camera and seriously...I could have stayed all day. I hate to say hurry up and turn one already...(sorry Becky :) But hurry up and turn one already so I can get my camera back in front of you!! Thanks girlie I had a blast :)

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